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      "True," answered the monk, with increased tenacity; "but will the Lord of life hold us guiltless, if we heed not the cry of the innocent?"

      "However," returned Isabella, "I will send the leech to him."

      "Nor I."

      No young men ever visited Odiam. The young Ditches, the young Vennals, or Coalbrans, or Ginners, who had business to transact with Backfield, did so only at a safe distance. Reuben could not as yet afford to lose his housemaids. Some day, he told himself, he would see that the girls married to the honour of his farm, but at present he could not do without them.

      For the first time in his life he had fainted."True, O king; and though the judge did a queer thing in her case, yet the woman died like a Christian in her bed after all."


      "Never! never!" replied the woman, with a convulsive scream. "No one but you dare I askand I will not leave my hold, unless you force me! You know not what is in the heart: even in the last hour there may bethere is mercy. Let him not die with the curse upon himand, by all your hopes in this life, and by the blessedness that will gladden you hereafter, do not deny the last hope of the wretched!" The woman again bent down her head, as if exhausted by the intensity of her feelings.


      CHAPTER VI."What! think you, sir treasurer," asked De Boteler, "that the knaves, vile as they are, would harm his grace?"


      Yes; he usually comes with me in the evening, said Norah, but he is in bed with a very bad cold.