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      They looked rather surprised and very much disappointed, and one or two of the best dancing men remained beside her; a significant indication of the effect she had already produced.When I say that she has come to Three Star with a man with whom she fled from me, I speak the truth, and you know it. I have seen them together.

      At sight of the bride they broke into a kind of subdued cheer. Esmeralda, looking down, saw them as through a mist, a mist out of which grew prominently the tall, commanding[176] figure of Trafford. He stood at the bottom of the stairs, waiting for her. As she came, his grave face lighted up with a smile of welcome.She was very silent as they walked home, where she was received with a tremendous fuss by everybody and made to change her things immediately.

      Miles! said Lady Wyndover, faintly. Its quite close, my dear child.

      A low growl rose.CHAPTER IV.

      She took off his hat, and put her flower-bedecked one in its place; and, strange to say, Varleys remarkable good looks came through even this severe test triumphantly.

      Mr. Helby was a middle-aged man, with a hard, honest face, and iron-gray hair. His father and his grandfather before him had been stewards of Belfayre, and he had inherited their integrity and faithful devotion to the family which they had served. Trafford, as he shook hands with him, saw that he had brought a bundle of papers and books with him, and as he sunk into a chair, he said:

      I can swing into the saddle by myself, she said, simply. I had to, for there was often no one to help me at Three Star, and when I was out riding I had to get off and on by myself. Oh, how lovely to be riding again!


      Trafford leaned back and listened to her, and watched the play of her expressive countenance with a strange mixture of sensations. Her evident affection for her old home, her natural eloquencefor there was eloquence in her descriptioncharmed him, and only now and again was he repelled by some word or phrase which, though they were softened by the musical voice and innocence of the speaker, reminded him that she was a waif from the wilds. His manner toward her was gravely deferential and gentle, and that, on its side, had a charm for Esmeralda. Without knowing it she began to understand why Norman Druce had been so enthusiastic in his laudations of this cousin of his.I wonder what that was? she said, with a smile.