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      My dear young friend, anything is possible to a woman who loves another womans husband, and thinks she sees a chance of robbing her of him. Then, after a moment, as the two men stood with downcast eyes, each filled with shame for this womans sake, he laid his hand upon Traffords shoulder. This seems a suitable time for a drink, he said.

      You will bear upfor her sake, Trafford? she said in a low voice. You look so illso worn. Dear, it had to come some day; andand he must have died so happily! Tell Esmeralda that; it will comfort her.

      Oh, Norman, youyou make me feel so ashamed. But I saidI did say from the firstWait here! he said.

      Yes; it is to no purpose, I know, she said, bitterly. You are married now. You have married this girl for her money; she has slipped into my place, and it is all overall over and done with, and I must live out my life as best I can. But you will not forget me, Trafford. Promise me thatpromise me. It is not too much to ask, seeing that Her voice broke and her head drooped upon his shoulder.

      But on a starlit balcony with two such ladies as the Valcours, to do one's errands, such errands, in scrambling haste proved not even a military possibility. Their greeting inquiries had to be answered:The excitement attending their arrival had brought a flush to Esmeraldas face, and no one excepting Norman noticed the change in her, but it was remarked that Trafford looked pale, and quite as grave, if not graver, than of old. There was a great deal of bustle and stir in the hall, for all the household was anxious to see and welcome the young marchioness who had been popular with them as Miss Chetwynde, and whose importance was now increased tenfold by her position as the wife of the marquis.


      Lilias, he said, Esmeralda has promised to be my wife.



      He spoke with the air of command which few women can resist. Lady Wyndover insensibly grew calmer.