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      Dodd said: "I" and then stopped. He reached for the door, held it for a second without closing it, and then, briefly, shook his head. "You're going to die," he said in an even, almost inhuman tone. "You're both going to die. For trying to escape. And the whole of yourclan, or family, or whatever that isthey're going to die with you. All of them." It was coming out in a single rush: Dodd's eyes fluttered closed. "It's my fault. It's our fault. We did it. We...."

      Dr. Haenlingen nodded. For the first time, she put her arms on the table and leaned a little forward. "Many of the workers here," she said, "are infected by the disease of idealism. The notion of slavery bothers them. They need to rebel against the establishment in order to make that protest real to them, and in order to release hostility which might otherwise destroy us from the inside. In my own division this has been solved simply by creating a situation in which the workers fear mefear being a compound of love, or awe, and hatred. This, however, will not do on a scale larger than one division: a dictatorship complex is set up, against which rebellion may still take place. Therefore, the parties. They serve as a harmless release for rebellious spirits. The parties are forbidden. Those who attend them are flouting authority. Their tension fades. They become good workers, for us, instead of idealistic souls, against us.""I think you'd both feel still better if you could have your hair cut," said the Deacon, as he finished and looked from one to the other. "Your hair's too long for sick people, and it makes you look sicker'n you really are. But I hain't got no shears."

      He started down the corridor: the masters had taken Dara in that direction, opposite to his own. Suddenly, one of his own kind stood before him, and he recognized a female, Hortat, through the dusty air. Hortat was staring at him with a frozen expression in her eye.Cadnan, frightened by the sudden noise, managed to says "I am Cadnan and there is one with me called Dara. We look for Marvor."

      At length the rebels fled, leaving the Indianians in possession of their colors and the hillside.

      Awl the boiz is makin fun ov Me, bekaws I blowed around bout"Say, Sergeant, will the guerrillas holler before they shoot, or shoot before they holler?"

      Marvor says: "It is true. They have freedom for themselves."

      Chapter 4Their battering-ram cleaned off the rest of those still pommeling Shorty, and drove back those who were swarming in the door.


      "Freedom is that important," he says. "Freedom is the most important thing.""Great goodness," gasped Si. "They never heard Cap's remarks when we balked on a right wheel in company column."



      "Game as they make 'em, and loyal as Abraham Lincoln himself," responded the conductor."Holy smoke, look there," gasped Monty Scruggs, as a company of rebel cavalry came tearing over the hill in front, to the assistance of their comrades.