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      "I'm much afraid the end has come too soon to a brave as well as loving heart," said the Surgeon sadly.

      A hand fumbled with the catch: that located her.

      Sandy stayed behind some shrubbery.

      A crackerjack pilot like Jeff could get in on a pretty small field, Larry argued. One place I can think of that isnt a bad landing spot is the fairway of the ninth hole on that golf course yonder. He indicated the grounds of a golf club. Its away from everything, and he might fly over the course, see that no foursome or twosome was likely to get there for some time Dick nodded, agreeing; but Sandy shook his head.THE Deacon had been afraid to telegraph directly to his wife that he was bringing the boys home. He knew the deadly alarm that would seize mother and daughters at the very sight of the yellow telegraph envelope directed to them. They would interpret it to mean that Si was dead, and probably in their grief fail to open the envelope and read the message. So at Jeffersonville he sent a message to Sol Pringle, the agent and operator at the station. The Deacon remembered the strain the former message had been on the young operator's intelligence, besides he himself was not used to writing messages, and so, regardless of expense, he conveyed his thoughts to Sol in this wise:

      "And youwhat did you say?" asked Landor. He was a little surprised to find how anxiously he[Pg 26] waited, and the extent of his relief when she answered, "I told him to let me be, or I would set them loose on him."


      "That telegraph pole will be just the thing to hang him on," suggested Harry to Gid. "We could put him on a flat car and push the car out from under him. I'll look around for a rope, Gid, and you git ready to climb the pole."


      "No," answered Silas, more coolly than if he had stubbed his toe. "Left hand's gone on a strike. That's all. Wisht I could find a doctor to fix it up so I could git back to the boys. They're havin' an awful tussle up there, an' need me bad. Better hurry up, Si. Don't waste no time on me. I'll find a doctor soon an' be back with you."


      None at all!Wheres the sack of sand?