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      "Gone to look for the regiment. Much they've gone to look for the regiment. They've gone to look out for their scalawag selves. When you see 'em agin, you'll know 'em, that's all."

      "Where are you from?'She became very attentive to the Major, and brought for his edification a private bottle of fine old whisky. She set about preparing something for them to eat.

      "But how're we to know that you're right every time," argued Monty Scruggs.

      But I want mi Gunn!

      "May the divil fly away wid it, an' wid you, too. Oi'd rather have a good shtick. Wid a shtick in me fist Oi'll take care of ony spalpeen fwhat'll stand up in front av me. But wid a fool goon loike that Oi'd be kilt at wance."


      There was a waving of the tops of the bushes, as if the men concealed there had rushed out.


      "Bring up the band and serenade 'em.""The blazes you say. I'd have you know, Yank, that one Confederit is wuth a whole rijimint o' Lincoln hirelings. I'll"147


      She grunted an acknowledgment, and said rather imperiously: