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      Its a habit they have, he said. They dont mean to be servile; in fact, theyre rather an independent crew, but they just do it out of politeness, and because they have known us all their lives.

      There are some pretty drives about here, he said. The ponies are here, and I have told them to send some horses. You will like to ride.Thats all right, said Norman again.

      Who could it be? Fair? And the gentleman?

      Bill, youd better come in and have something to eat and drink.Since the Blankyres party, Esmeralda had been receiving dancing lessons from a famous professor; and the famous professor had declared, with something like enthusiasm, that he had never had a more apt pupil. Although the lessons had been so few, Esmeralda, by dint of many hours practice, had acquired sufficient knowledge of the Lancers and the simple waltz to be able to accept a partner without any very serious misgivings.


      "I said if I couldn't keep him at home I ought to get him into the cavalry. You know, dear, in the infantry the marches are so cruel, the camps so--"