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      "Get down off that stump at once, and go back to your place," said the Aid authoritatively.

      His old father's words came back to him"I've no ambitions, so I'm a happy man. I d?an't want nothing I haven't got, so I haven't got nothing I d?an't want." Perhaps his father had been right. After all, what had he, Reuben, got by being ambitious? Comfort, peace, home-life, wife, children, were all so many bitter words to him, and his great plans themselves had crumbled into failurehe had lost everything to gain nothing.

      "Are masters here?"

      "Si," said Shorty, "we thought old Rosecrans had heaped up the measure when we started out from Nashville for Stone River. But that was only the beginning for the gang he got together for the Tullyhomy campaign, and 'taint more than onct to what old Sherman's goin' to begin business with. I like it. I like to see any man start into a game with a full hand and a big stack o' chips."

      "And will you do that alone?"


      "Pete!" he cried chokingly"I won't die!I won't die!"


      Rose noticed this difference, and it piqued her. She began to miss his continual protestations. Sometimes she tried to stir them up again, but her bafflings had reacted on herself; she handled him clumsily, he was too mazed to respond to her flicks. Then she became sulky, irritable, slightly tyrannouseven stinting her kisses.It occurred to Reuben that Harry might be of some use to the women. Since he had given up fiddling he was entirely on the wrong side of Odiam's accounts; it would do much to justify his existence if he could help a little in the house and thus save engaging extra labour.


      "Good menpromoted from the ranks, and remember that they once carried a gun themselves."