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      And the home of the brave.""You mustn't think of that," said Pen quickly.

      V2 supplied: a people instinct with the energies of ordered freedom, and a masterly leadership to inspire and direct them.V2 exhaustion of disease, toils, and anxieties "too great," in the words of Burke, "to be supported by a delicate constitution, and a body unequal to the vigorous and enterprising soul that it lodged," threw him at times into deep dejection. By those intimate with him he was heard to say that he would not go back defeated, "to be exposed to the censure and reproach of an ignorant populace." In other moods he felt that he ought not to sacrifice what was left of his diminished army in vain conflict with hopeless obstacles. But his final resolve once taken, he would not swerve from it. His fear was that he might not be able to lead his troops in person. "I know perfectly well you cannot cure me," he said to his physician; "but pray make me up so that I may be without pain for a few days, and able to do my duty: that is all I want."

      "You wouldn't want a tame man!"


      "I have stated the facts."Abb Verreaua high authority on questions of Canadian historytells me a comparison of the handwriting has convinced him that these pretended letters of Montcalm are the work of Roubaud.


      An old skiff had been dragged up on top of the bank and turned over."The New York City prison."


      "Pen!" he gasped. "It breaks my heart to see you! What is the matter?"